New PAR-FORCE Hybrid LED Pro Panels

Commercial Intensity

When all other LED companies were going to bigger LED chip sizes such as 3 watt & 5 watt LED chips, Smart Grow Technologies went in another direction by going to milliamps (mA) technology.  This technology combined with a total of 764 LED chips is a game changer for light intensity.  

The results speak for themselves, PAR-FORCE LED Panel technology has been rated #1 at the United States Department of Energy for intensity and unlike other LED makers do not need bulky fans or run into stability problems due to heat from larger LED chips.  For the wattage, PAR-FORCE Hybrid LED Panels are brighter, deliver more intensity & run cooler than any LED available today.

90% Usable PAR Light

Plants need specific PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) plant light to flourish during photosynthesis. Smart Grow Technologies has developed a specific light recipe using a proprietary phosphor blend that maximizes the PAR spectrum. 

Run only the Blue/Green/Yellow LED Spectrum for Vegetative Propagation & Cloning.  To turn your plants into Flower, just flick the switch and turn on the Far Red Spectrum and you will be Blooming like a Pro.  Just as humans can only absorb a specific amount of vitamins, plants only can absorb a specific PAR spectrum plant light.  Watch your plants thrive under 90% usable PAR light!

Advanced LED Optics

Due to the low heat from the PAR-FORCE Hybrid LED Pro Panels you can hang your lights closer to your plants resulting in more PAR Light (micro moles) and deeper canopy penetration.  

The LED advanced optics project a 120 degree light beam angle that creates a 5 x 5 light thumbprint.  Optimal distance from LED lights to the top of the plant canopy is 18-24 inches.

90% usable PAR light, maximum light intensity combined with advance optics are three big reasons why commercial growers are now able to finally switch from energy guzzling (HID) lighting to LEDs.

PAR FORCE Pro LED Panels Smart Grow Technologies